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Hot Stone Massage

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Price & Timing
  • Price : Rs 1499/- Minimum
  • Session : 45 Min.
  • Session : 60 Min.
  • Session : 90 Min.
  • Timings : Mon-Sun
  • Morning : 10.00
  • To Evening : 10.00

Details and Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is a speciality spa treatment that you will find at the luxurious day spa in Andheri West. This treatment involves using flat, smooth, heated stones where they are placed on specific areas of your body as an extension of the hands of the therapists. At Deep Wellness Massage and Spa, we offer our own version of hot stone massage. Deep Wellness Massage's Hot Stone Massage - starts with a relaxing floral foot bath and a ritual body massage using our iMantara Royal Rachawadee massage oil. During this body massage, our professional therapists place warm Jade stones on the recipient's body to loosen up the muscles.

In addition to the improved blood circulation, this form of therapy can also reduce stress and anxiety. Just a ten-minute hot stone massage can reduce stress levels and anxiety considerably that you can rest and relax better from your exhaustive daily routine.